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I've moved all the LT1 links onto this page to clean things up a little bit.  This way I can also add more specific LT1 technical information to this page.  Below you will find links to harness information.  Lets start with a little bit of PCM/Harness info.

The first LT1 was put in the 1992 Corvette.  Then in 1993 the LT1 was introduced in the Camaro/Firebird.  1992-1993 LT1 were mated with 700R4's.  The ECM for the 92-93 had a removable MEMCAL that housed the EPROM that stored calibration information.  The ECM's have 4 square plugs, and the ECM case is black in color.

1994 started first year for 4L60E as the automatic trans option.  This is the electronically controlled transmission.  The 94-95 PCM's are identified by service number. 16188051.  Corvette 1994/1995 may have used Serv. No. 16181333.  All 94+ LT1 PCM's are aluminum in color with 4 rectangle plugs.  94-95  PCM's can be flashed through the diagnostic port using rather inexpensive hardware and software.  Click here for more info on that.  In 1995 the 4L60E changed slightly, and an additional solenoid was added to the valve body.  This required an extra wire to be added for 1995 models.  You can determine 94/95 harnesses by looking for Pin U on the transmission connector.  Also, 1994 4L60E transmission WILL NOT work properly with 96-97 PCM's. 

1996-1997 were OBD2 PCM's.  These had service numbers 16214399 and 16242921.  To program these PCM's takes more expensive hardware/software then previous 94-95 PCM's.  It has been popular to swap the 94-95 PCM in place of the 96-97.  If you plan on a stock engine swap, and will likely only need the PCM programmed once, no reason to swap back.  I can program any year for you, and they all function fine.   Only consider swapping back if you are interested in getting into tuning these your self and don't want to dish out the money for the OBD2 tuning hardware/software.

You can mix 96-97 PCM with 94-95 harnesses, or other way around.  However in some circumstances, you will need to add a wire or two to the harness to make it work.

To identify what PCM you are working with exactly, I have complied a list of the 4 letter code found on corner of the white sticker on the PCM's.  This is called the BCC (Broad Cast Code) This will also help you identify a PCM that will have the correct knock sensor type to match your engine.  F-Body, B-Body, and 94-95, 96+ all used different knock modules & sensors. Click this link for the list.

PCM Pinouts for all LT1 1994 to 1997. Includes what wires are removed for stand alone conversions, as well as what wires you need to keep for external connections.  Wires to keep are BLUE and wires to remove are YELLOW.

1993 LT1 F Body Wire Harness Schematics, Info & Guide

1993 LT1 Y Body (Corvette) Wire Harness Schematics

1994-97 LT1 F Body (Camaro, Trans Am) Wire Harness - Includes Detailed Harness Rework instructions NEW! 12/8/2013

1994-96 Caprice, Impala SS, Road Master Wire Harness Schematics & Info - Includes pictures of modified harnesses

Picture of typical F-Body harness with text labels for all the plugs, close ups too! C100, C105, C210, C220, C230 are the main connectors that have wires needing connected somewhere when doing stand alone harnesses. Here is the link for the pin outs for each of those connectors.  Connector faces for 93-97 LT1 for above connectors.  Once this opens, look down at bottom of the browser, there are tabs for each connector.  It works like Excel worksheets.  Use Shift+Click to open a new browser window when clicking links



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