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This page went over one of my very first Gen 3 LS Swaps back in 2004-2005.  If you are looking for wiring info for 4.8/5.3/6.0 see this age HERE! The 6.0L is gone, but here is the story:

 I started it for the first time on Sunday March 6th, 2005.  It started within the first second I was cranking it over.  It would die quickly after that.  After a few minutes with the laptop I adjusted the fuel and got it idling perfect.  Today (Tuesday March 8th, 2005) I took my truck to an exhaust shop and got the headers connected to the rest of the exhaust system. I also had oxygen sensor bungs welded in.  I was able to do more tuning tonight with the O2 sensor and have gotten idle and part throttle/low load all tuned in.  I should be taking it out for a drive very soon and start doing more tuning on high loads on the engine, across the RPM range.  Megasquirt is working wonderfully.



Here are some screenshots from Megatune, the Megasquirt software.

Most VE values were generated from MSTweak3000 using data logging in Megatune.

Spark tuning, is used to offset the entire table by the TRIM angle, + or - or Fixed angle, just as it says.

looks similar to the VE table, works exactly the same way.

some of the features of Megasquirt.

Outputs are complete configurable.  I have output 1 controller cooling fan relay.  It will cool till it reaches 190 then turn off.  Output two controls a shift light at 5000 rpm.

some EDIS modules support Multispark, just like a MSD 6AL box.  I haven't done research on the boost retard feature.