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 Well I still don't know which way I am going to run this engine.  I have a stock GM PCM I could use along with wire harness I have modified.  I also have a Megasquirt II and EDIS 8 ignition setup that I have now started this engine with on the engine stand.  I would like to compare how this 5.3L engine does against the 6.0L engine I had a while back.  The 6.0L used the same Megasquirt & Ignition setup, along with my current TH400 trans and stock torque converter.  I ran 13.95 in the 1/4 mile with the 6.0L.  I'd like to do the best comparison between the two as possible. 

I then would like to put the stock PCM and harness on the engine and install the 4L60E I have so I can drive my pickup more with the benefits of overdrive.  So I'll probably end up at first putting the Megasquirt control in first, with the TH400, then later put the stock PCM and harness in and swap out transmissions.

Wasted Spark DIS Coil Packs

Crank Trigger 36-1 Wheel


The 5.3 is in and running great.  Here's a few pictures of the swap.