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In this section you will start to find information I am putting together for the 2007+ New Body Style truck harnesses and PCM's.  Please check back for up dates.

2008 Specific E38 ECM Connector Pinouts (2007-2010 should be similar?) - Updated with which pins to use for external connection, and which to remove!

2008 Vortec ECM Programmign Page and basic Engine Info

2008 Vortec Truck Harness Schematics

2009 4L60E Changes - Updates to 2009+ 4L60E trans, no longer has TFP sensor, no 3-2 downshift solenoid, may not work in older applications!

Molex Connector Manual E38 E67 E92 ECMs.pdf - This will show you how to work on the E38 ECM connectors, installation on the ECM, pin removal, so on.

Sorry for delays getting new info up, but here's some pictures, will try to get back on here and get some captions added soon.