[ Active Fuel Management DELETE ]

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Just going to get some quick information up here for you.  This will go over the DIFFERENCES between the Gen4 07-14 AFM delete and the Gen5 L83/L86 engine when performing a complete AFM delete, getting rid of AFM Camshaft and Lifters.

The ONLY parts that carry over to the L83/L86 for the mechanical AFM delete are the 16 lifters, and the 4 lifter guides.  EVERYTHING else will be different. I'm not going to list all the other parts, head bolts, gaskets, so on, you should look those parts up for your specific vehicle application. The direct injection engine is a lot more complex. You should refer to factory service manual procedures for camshaft replacement, head r&r, so on. The gasoline direct injection fuel system on these engines operates at thousands of PSI, you need to know what you are doing.  Local shop I work closely with has deleted a 2015 L83 truck with these parts listed below and everything worked out perfect.   Programming is the same $50, go back to the main AFM delete page to purchase programming service.

Lifters - GM Part# 12499225  Your AFM engine will have 8 standard lifters, and 8 AFM lifters.  This part# gets you 16 new standard lifters.

Lifter Guides - GM Part # 12595365 These are the plastic guides that keep the lifters from rotating, keeping the roller going correct direction on the cam lobe. These guides are different for AFM lifters, and you will need 4 of these.


CAMSHAFT NOTES:  There is now a factory GM camshaft to delete AFM on these engines. You can also find camshaft from Brian Tooley Racing or possibly Texas Speed with stock duration and lift for a 100% OE driveability but without AFM. You may also go for an upgraded cam but would require local tuning.  I only do AFM delete programming mail order. 

As of today, 1/25/2021.  5.3L L83 will use BTR2249399130 and the 6.2L L86 will use 2240006175.  There are also factory GM cams you can now use that have very similar lift/duration numbers to the BTR. The 5.3L L83 would use GM part# 12672469 (factory 2020 6.6L L8T camshaft).  The 6.2L could use the prior listed cam with possibly power penelty.  Your best option on a 6.2L L86 would be the prior mentioned BTR camshaft. It was previously thought that the part# 12664572 (factory 2019 6.2L LT5 camshaft) would be good for 6.2L application, but new information shows it to be more suited for the supercharged application it come from. If you compare the specs on the BTR 5.3l cam and the L8T cam they are nearly identical.  Use of these BTR cams or the L8T camshaft should ONLY need the AFM disable programming and nothing further to maintain stock power & torque.

VALLEY COVER OIL TOWERS:  Just like the 07-14 Gen4 engines, when doing the AFM mechanical delete, you must BLOCK the oil towers. There is not a factory GM part to accomplish this.  The aftermarket DOES have a replacement valley cover, but they are expensive. I suggest using these block off plugs also from Brian Tooley Racing.  These steel plugs drive into the oil towers under the factory valley cover. They fit snug to block the oil, and the original valley cover bolts back on and will prevent them from lifting out.  The plugs are also threaded in the event you wish to remove them, a small slide hammer can pull them out. https://www.briantooleyracing.com Part# CBI/OBO