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The 381 LT1 started out as a 1995 Camaro Z28 with a T56.  I decided to rebuild the motor.  Parts used included Eagle internal balance stroker crankshaft, Eagle SIR rods, and SRP dish pistons.  The LT1 block had to have a lot of clearance done because of the internal balance crankshaft.  Pan rails, bottom of cylinder bores, all were problems.  The rods had to be ground to clear the camshaft as well.  I used a 6.0" rod so there was no clearance problem at the bottom of the piston.

I decided to start building my 489 Big Block Chevy stroker I have had sitting in my closet for a while.  I ordered SRP dome pistons and Eagle H Beam rods and those parts are at the machine shop getting balanced.  I sold the LT1 and in the mean time I installed a TPI 305 in my truck while the Big Block gets finished.

The 305 is a bone stock throttle body injected 150,000+ mile motor.  I bought the intake at a junk yard dirt cheap.  I then built a wiring harness as can be seen on the picthres.  I built the Megasquirt II and installed everything in my truck.  This engine was more for testing the Megasquirt II before I put fuel injection on my Big Block.