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This page is ONLY for owners of 2005 and 2006 Trailblazer, Envoy, Buick Rainier, Saab 9-7x, Impala SS or Monte Carlo SS

This goes by the MODEL YEAR of the vehicle, don't go by the build date on the door. 10th digit of the VIN, 5 or 6.

These two model years only, your vehicle used what is called an E40 ECM. Your engine has Active Fuel Management, but is different from the rest of the 2007+ pickups and suvs. In 2005 and 2006 your engine used a different Cam and Crank trigger than 2007+ engines. You have a 24x crank pattern, and a 1x cam pattern.  The SUV engine is 5.3L and called the 'LH6' by its production code. The Impala/Monte Carlo is also a 5.3L engine and uses the engine code 'LS4'.

This is the E40 ECM used 2005-2006 vehicles listed above. Please take note of the size of each of the three connectors.








Your camshaft will have 3 bolts attaching the cam gear to it.  To do AFM delete, you MUST use a 3 bolt non-afm camshaft and reuse the stock 1x cam gear.  Some "afm delete kits" online will include the later 4x cam gear and 1bolt cam shaft and WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR VEHICLE. 

This should be the ONLY cam gear you put back on your...



Buick Rainier


Saab 9-7x

Impala SS



Now that you know your 05-06 vehicle does not follow same rules at the 07+ vehicles, here is some good news. You CAN take a 1999-07(classic) Gen 3 complete engine long block assembly, and install it in your 05/06 vehicle listed above (NOT IMPALA/MONTE LS4).  The pickup truck Gen 3 engines do have the cam sensor at the rear of the engine, behind the intake, but the signal IS THE SAME as your 05-06. You can also swap your front timing cover and cam gear onto one of these engines so you don't have to extend your cam sensor wiring to reach rear of the engine. (If you extend your wires to reach a rear mounted cam sensor, you must swap pins A and C on the camshaft sensor plug) The  05-06 engine also had knock sensors located on the OUTSIDE of the block. If you use an older Gen 3 engine, you will have to find a place to mount the sensors down low on the outside of the block.  So if you need to replace your engine, this is an option.

PROGRAMMING is now the same price for E40 ECM as other vehicles.

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If you mark the outside of the box with black marker in big letters AFM, and ship it to me USPS, I often will program, and ship back out the SAME DAY! Be sure payment is included inside the box, or made prior to me receiving the ECM for the quickest turn around time. Any questions on this call me, 417-277-5836    DO NOT SEND ECM BRACKET, ECM ONLY, REMOVE FROM THE BRACKET