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If you are doing an LT1 project, and would like to get into your own tuning, or have the hardware / software to program the PCM, datalog, scan codes, view engine data, there is a very affordable package from CATS. www.tunercat.com.  This software/hardware will support ALL 1994/1995 LT1, L99 vehicles. Unlimited, no per vehicle license.  (Works with PCM Service Number 16188051 and 16181333 ONLY) I highly recommend owning some sort of scan tool if you plan to have a LT1 in your vehicle.  Why not have ability to tune as well; of course if you don't want to get into this, I will still program your PCM if you ship it to me. Click here to go back to the programming page.

OBDI LT1 Tuning Kit (includes CATS OBDI Tuner Program PC Software, Vehicle definition file for LT1/L99, Software CD, ALDL Cable, USB converter, USB Cable, NO SCAN TOOL) $159.95

OBDI LT1 Pro Tuning Kit (all above, plus Datamaster Scantool for PC, supports all 1994/1995 LT1 and L99 vehicles) $254.95

Both above kits are available with a 12PIN ALDL Plug for 1994 Firebird/Camaro, 94/95 Impala/Caprice, or a 16PIN OBD2 Plug for 1995 Firebird/Camaro, 1994-1995 Corvette. It doesn't matter which plug you have, just get the kit that fits your harness on your car.  You can also get a kit that has a Y cable that supports BOTH plug types.