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I just got a 2010 Camaro 6.2L harness in for modification from a local shop.  The Camaro's have two different V8 6.2L's depending if the car was automatic, or standard transmission.  The automatic equipped cars got the 6.2L L99, which include variable valve timing (VVT), and displacement on demand (DOD).  These engines were rated about 20 horsepower less then the LS3, and had a factory red line RPM of 6200 due to the heavier valve train components for DOD.  The manual trans equipped cars got the 6.2L LS3, aprox 425 horsepower.  There is NO VVT or DOD on the LS3 engine.  The LS3 is factory red line at 6700 RPM.

In the future I will be adding more info about the modification of this harness, ECM pinouts, and so on.  Please check back.

ECM Connector Pinouts (X1 and X2 Connectors, L99 and LS3)

Connector X102 - Engine Harness to Forward Lamp Harness Connector

Underhood Fuseblock X3 Connector


Below is a completely stock 2010 Camaro 6.2L L99 wiring harness.  The yard cut the 6 speed auto trans connector, so it is not pictued.


Below is the same harness after my modification.   We have kept the VVT and DOD on this engine, and done away with Rear O2's, Transmission wires, EVAP, Brake Booster Vacuum Sensor, A/C Wiring.