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C210, C220, C230
















Here is some info for the 1993 LT1 with Automatic 700R4 transmission.  This is a cut and past from a forum where I helped a guy modify his stock harness.  I will clean it up a bit later.

connector # C100 - 10 pins - ** letter I is not used

a - pnk - power feed from injector fuse 9
b - dk grn/wht - a/c compressore relay control
c - dk grn - ac compressor clutch sol feed
d - tan - serial data signal
e - brn - air pump relay control
f - brn - power feed from fans/sols fuse 6
g - pnk - power feed from ign fuse ``
h -dk blu - secondary coolant fan relay control
j - dk grn - primary coolant fan relay control
k - pnk - power feed from injector fuse 10

connector # C210 - 4 pins

a - purple - starter solenoid (12v + engages starter)
b - blk/white - ecm ground
c - orange - ecm battery feed
d - not used

connector # C220 - 10 pins - ** letter I is not used
Engine Harness to IP harness has 10 wires, white color maybe

a - red - alternator feed to ip
b - tan - oil pressure feed to ip
c - brn - oil level feed to ip
d - not used
e - not used on auto cars
f - gry - fuel pump motor feed
g - dk grn/white - vehicle speed signal
h - not used
j - dk grn/wht - fuel pump relay control - this goes to fuel pump relay + side
k - dk grn - coolant temp feed to ip

connector # C230 - ** letter I is not used

a - not used
b - brn/wht - SES light feed
c - wht/blk - diag request signal
d - wht - tach signal to ip
e - dk blu - theft deterrent - fuel enable feed
f - dk grn/wht - ac request
g - pnk - power feed from ecm ign fues #5
h - lt blu/blk - tcc switched power feed
j - orn/blk - park/neutral feed from trans pos switch
k - tan/blk - TCC control


***Here are the essential MINIMUMS you need to get it running****************

1.    C210 pin C, ORANGE - battery feed to PCM, 10 amp fused

2.    3 eye-let connectors in harness near coil/module connector, engine block (ground), also 2 grounds near starter (black/white stripe)

3.    C100 pin F, BRN - key 12v+ feed to EVAP, EGR solenoids, book shows 10amp fused  - ONLY NEEDED FOR EMISSIONS

4.    C230 pin G, PINK - key 12v+ feed to PCM

5.    C100 pin A, PINK - key 12v+ feed to Injectors 2,4,6,8 7.5amp
       C100 pin K, PINK - key 12v+ feed to Injectors 1,3,5,7 7.5amp

6.    C100 pin G, PINK - key 12v+ feed to Coil, Ignition Module 10 amp

7.    C220 pin J, Dk Green/White - fuel pump relay control 12v+ connect to one side of relay coil, other side to ground, then wire up your fuel pump with   say 15 amp fuse.

8.    C230 pin E, dk blue - fuel enable signal - hack stock module or build a unit to defeat it, see my website www.lt1swap.com for info, or have chip modified to delete this option.

that should be it to get it fired up. then you can mess with ses light, cooling fans. 

On stand alone installs, things like Oil Level, Oil pressure, AC Pressure, AC Cycle, AC EVAP Temp, CTS for Gage all have NO effect on the PCM operations.  These can be cut off and taped up and tucked back in the harness if you like.


a few things to note:
fuel pump relay: computer supplies (12v+) to the relay, wire other side to ground
cooling fan relays: computer supplies (ground) to the relay, wire other side to key fused power.

ses light : computer supplies (ground) to turn on light, wire other side of bulb to key fused power.

If you decide to not have your chip reprogrammed, you will need to have all emissions solenoids, relays hooked up to prevent ses light. even then the computer can detect that part of the emissions systems missing during road tests it performs.

C100 pin F brn - I believe this wire feeds your egr, evap solenoids with fused power, the computer supplies ground when it commands these.

To prevent the computer from throwing a Quad Driver Module code within the first 30 seconds of operation, the following must be hooked up.
Fuel Pump Relay, Fan1 Relay, Fan2 Relay, EGR Sol, EVAP Sol, Air Pump Relay

If you don't have a 2nd fan, or don't run an AIR pump, that's fine, but the relay needs to be there. When the code sets it will defaultly turn on cooling fans. Even a SES light bulb missing will set a code.



Re: A transplanted 93 Z28 Lt1
Originally Posted by badZcoupe
Unknown connectors the first one is located by the alt plug the IAC plug and TPS plug it is a two pin plug and has a tan and blk wire in it is this the IAC?.

This is your Intake Air Temp sensor, pin A black, pin B tan


Originally Posted by badZcoup
The next one is in the section of harness with C 210, C230, and C220 it is a three pin plug it is small in size pin A wire is grey B is dark blue and C is blk is this the A/C evaporator temp sensor? .

yes AC evap temp sensor is correct


Originally Posted by badZcoup
On plug C 210 just to be sure
pin A is a large purple wire and is the ignition wire to starter solenoid
pin B blk/white ecm ground
pin C orange ecm battery feed
pin D not used.

yes those are all correct


Originally Posted by badZcoup
Next by connector C 100 there is a small single pin plug with a grey wire in it, is this the fuel pump prime lead, and also in the same branch as C 100 there is two plugs one is a three pin plug
B Grey
C Red/Blk

and the two pin plug has two dark green wires in it.

grey single plug is fuel pump prime
three pin plug is A/C Refrigerant pressor sensor

two pin plug is A/C low pressure cut off switch

Originally Posted by badZcoup
By the starter are three eyed connectors two are blk/white do these tie to the engine block and the larger gauge purple goes to the iignition side of the soenoid.

There should be two grounds, and one to starter (purple).